A human being cannot be divided into parts; the whole must be considered in order to find your balance in physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Dates To Be Announced Soon!

Semi Private retreat with national & international renowned retreat leader Master Jean Pierre

A week reserved for exloration and serenity...From the moment you arrive in Hawaii you will find yourself transported to a nuturing place where you can focus on your inner journey. Far from everyday life, you'll flourish under the expert guidance of Master Jean Pierre and the support of fellow group members.

A retreat for reflection and spiritual growth...Just as physical fitness conditions the body, spiritual fitness nourishes the soul. When we take the time on our human journey to go beyond ordinary practices, we reap the rewards of self fulfillment and inner peace.

Our Yoga/Chi Flow Retreat in beautiful world renowned destination of Napili, Maui, provides the perfect surroundings and healing energy to make the retreat week an intimate, carfully structured experience that will take you beyond your everyday stream of conciouness. Incorporated in this journey are Yoga and Chi Flow classes, meditation, mindfulness training, hiking, outdoor activities and breathing - with discussions of spirituality and life.


For more information and reservations

please contact us at

(619) 437-6840 or coronadoyoga@gmail.com







A week of discovery, transformation and celebration!


Yoga (daily)

Chi Flow


Mindfulness Training

Health & Longevity Discussions


Mindfulness Walks

Silence - some activities will be conducted in total silence


Guided Healing



Full Moon

Sample Day

6:30am Meditation (Beach)

7:00am Walking Meditation (Gardens)

8:00am Yoga (Beach or Park)

9:00am Breakfast

10:00-11am Workshop/Disscussion

4:00pm Yoga/Chi Flow (Beach)

6:30pm Dinner

7:30pm Breathing Meditatio (Beach)

Retreat Rates & Information

$1800 per person

$1500 per person pre-register

Price includes all classes, workshops, meditations, lectures, activities, and applicable tax.

All participants are responsible for their own transportation, lodging, and meals.

Most of the activities will be held in Napili, Maui which is in West Maui. Here are some lodging suggestions:


  • Napili Kai Resort
  • Napili Bay Resort
  • Napili Shores
  • The Mauian
  • Napili Surf
  • The Ritz Kapalua


Trip Suggestions


  • Alaska Airlines has nonstop flights


What to Bring


  • Light, comfortable clothing
  • Bathing suit
  • Sweatshirt/warm clothing for morning and evening activities
  • Tennis Shoes/Hiking Shoes


Want more information on changing your life? Call us at 619-437-6840