Kenbudo - Classical Japanese Sword & Martial Art

A new fitness art for men and women

Kenbudo, meaning Dancing Peacful Warrior, is a revolutionary new fitness art for the 21st century.  It can be described as poetry in motion rather than just fitness. It is a combination of dancing, striking, blocking, toning, breathing, martial arts, yoga and meditation. A body, mind, spirit expression.








Physical Ability & Spiritual Discipline

Through physical, mental and spiritual exercise, Kenbudo™ is done with a samurai sword, beautiful custom made wooden sticks, with different lengths, and karate techniques, adapting Eastern and Western movement, philosophy and disciplines.  Kenbudo™ is used for physical health as well as mental and spiritual health in your life.  With each class you will understand the rich content and high spiritual level included in all the techniques of Kenbudo™.  You will learn to respect and care for your sword, sticks and yourself.  The fitness art of Kenbudo™ is a new approach that represents a system of movement that is fresh, durable and complete for mind, body, spirit harmony.  You will find a deeper meaning in Kenbudo™, not exercising just for  health, beauty and self defense, but to improve our spirit and the world.


Benefits of Kenbudo™

A perfect synthesis of East meets West as it incorporates martial arts, yoga, meditation and tai chi.  The mindfulness in Kenbudo™ makes it much safer than any other fitness class or a number of similar sport.

Improve your...Overall Strength, Cardiovascular Strength, Flexibility, Coordination, Awareness, Self Confidence, Grace, Stress Release, Fat Burning, Focus, Discipline and Self Defense.



About Grand Master, Jean Pierre Marques

Grand Master Jean Pierre, with over 50 years experience,  is Founder of Kenbudo™, and renowned Grand Master in Martial Arts, Yoga, Meditation & Chi Gong. Also an author, speaker and Behavioral Therapist he is considered a pioneer in the mind, body field.  He has devoted himself to teaching thousands of students, of all ages, to make positive changes in their lives through his teachings that promote health, longevity and peace. He has owned and operated many health & fitness businesses in France, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Tucson and Coronado.  As a testament to his lifelong work Jean Pierre has received two inductions into the prestigious USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  He is also proud to be helping the Wounded Warriors.




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