Do everything for the joy of doing it. That is yoga.

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Class Descriptions


Kitaido Yoga

In Japanese, Kitaido means energy, body, and spirit.  Kitaido Yoga is a perfect integration of physical yoga poses and mental focus designed to develop strength, increase muscle tone, enhance flexibility, perfect body alignment, and reduce stress.  This unique style of yoga combines postures with breathing and relaxation, designed to promote a sense of health and well-being to both body and mind.  The postures are adaptable to anyone at any level of experience or fitness.

Gentle Yoga/Feel Good Yoga

These slower more relaxed paced classes are accessible to almost everyone and involve synchronizing the breath with movement, moderate stretching and strengthening, as well as periods of relaxation. Modifications for basic postures and balance poses are offered, but students are encouraged to practice at the level best suited to their ability, knowledge, and comfort.

Floor Stretch Yoga/Yoga for a Healthy Back

These all floor-work classes are a relaxing way to practice yoga, emphasizing effective stretches and back strengtheners that target muscle groups associated with the lower back. Holding these poses for a longer period, in combination with breathing and relaxation helps facilitate deep release.


Family Yoga

Bring some peace and calm to the whole family through the practice of yoga! This 45 minute, child-focused class incorporates simple animated poses, fun breathing exercises, and of course time to relax and re-center. Partnering with your child ensures great bonding time while helping them improve their concentration, body awareness, and self-esteem, in addition to strong and healthy bodies. Moms, dads, caregivers, and children ages 5 to 10 are welcome to attend! Adults are $20 each or you may use your existing class package, and children are just $10 each.

Kenbudo Chi Flow

Created by Grand Master Jean Pierre, Kenbudo Chi Flow is a system of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises designed to improve health, peace of mind, and vitality on every level of your being. Kenbudo Chi Flow's movements are soft, rhythmic, flowing, and incorporate deep breathing with slow, gentle movements to tone and stretch. Kenbudo Chi Flow is a combination of Kenbudo, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong, all of which bring enormous physical and spiritual benefits. All of these benefits are greatly multiplied when combined with the "Zenjo", a custom made wooden stick that is held between the palms. The student focuses on movement with breath, visual and mental concentration, and connecting with Chi (energy) to improve their life and health. Kenbudo Chi Flow can be practiced your entire life, and is for all ages and levels of fitness.






Price Structure

Drop Ins Welcome!

Single Class $20.00


Class Cards

5 Classes: $75.00

(Valid 60 Days)

10 Classes: $130.00

(Valid 90 Days)

20 Classes: $220.00

(Valid 90 Days)

30% Discount for Active Military


Unlimited Classes

Month-to-Month: $160.00

Monthly Auto Debit: $145.00

3 Months: $405.00

6 Months: $750.00

1 Year: $1380.00


Private Lessons

Behavioral Consultation or Private Lesson with Behavioral Therapist and Grand Master Teacher, Jean Pierre Marques $150.00/Hour

Single 60 Minute: $80.00

Group Private: First Person Full Price, Additional Students $20.00 Each


Payments Due Prior to Class Start. No Refunds.

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